Worlds Imagined (3 part series)

Year: 2020

Medium: Digital photographic image and cyanotype print

Dimension: Determinable, cyanotype print H29.7 x W42 cm


My mind is a boundless place where my thoughts, emotions, memories, fantasies and utopia lie. It is a place where I seek refuge - a distant world that will never be accessed and thoroughly understood by the uninitiated. In reality, whomever I may appear to be is enigmatic in my utopia.

I put up tough fronts to conceal my soft self because society has taught and shaped me to mask vulnerability in favour of toughness and strength. Over time, I begin to yearn for the understanding of others. Ironically, the opportunity for someone else to share a snippet to my utopia is unavailable.

If I provide the opportunity for people to see snippets of my utopia, would it make me more transparent about my genuine self? 

Here’s an invitation to my utopia.