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Pauline Wong is a photographer born and raised in Singapore. She graduated with Diploma in Fine Arts (Distinction), majoring in Art Photography at LASALLE College of the Arts. Rooted in the practice of storytelling, Pauline creates distinctive compositions utilising blends of light and sporadically playful pop of colours in her work to accentuate the narratives she addresses in her work. 

Among a myriad of other interests, she is currently enraptured by an interest to explore the different types of dioramas and miniatures in art forms, and attempting to integrate that into her photography practice

Pauline's works have been critically acclaimed in the 41st Daegu International Grand Exhibition (Special Choice Award), 11th France + Singapore Photographic Arts Awards (Top 10), Shooting Home Youth Awards 2020, Her World Plus in collaboration with Calvin Klein Watches and Jewellery award as well as a selected group exhibition for 9th Dali (China) International Photography Exhibition, 41st DaeGu International Grand Exhibition, Project 3V in collaboration with Sabanci University, The LASALLE Show 2021, LASALLE WALKWAY 2021, Shooting Home Youth Awards Class of  2020 Exhibition, 11th France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award Finalists Exhibition and LASALLE Open House 2020. Her recent work, titled 'Middle Child Diary' has been featured in Straits Times.