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Dis-connection in Amnesia (3 part series)

Close up images

Year: 2021

Medium: Inkjet in photo paper and various materials

Dimension: Variable


Dis-connection In Amnesia is a 3 part series work that explores my disconnection with nature.

The word “dis” in the title, is a wordplay and it is a common internet slang used as a form of spelling for the word “this”, of which this title can be seen as a disconnection in amnesia or this connection in amnesia.

As a Singaporean who is born into a revolutionising digital age and concrete living estates - Housing Development Board (HDB), I have never truly interacted with nature. The nature I interacted with is artificial and growing up in the age of technology, romanticizing nature with the use of digital manipulation is a norm and it has inevitably affected me, allowing me to find comfort living with artificial nature.

My disconnection with nature had caused my perception to differ vastly from my elders and this perception is known as environmental generational amnesia, where it varies from people of different generations and it does not affect our biophilic tendency which is our innate ability to seek and connect with nature.

Despite the fact that lines have been blurred and nature for future generations may differ, it is important that we continue to protect what is left and not be complacent because every effort we put into protecting our nature can make a difference

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